Sustainable Events in Virtual Reality

Going paperless, using biodegradable cups and offering sufficient trash cans are all ways to plan a sustainable event. Some of these tips also save you money. We are always looking for ways to become green, and this should continue in the event industry.

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Sustainable events continue to grow without any sign of stopping.
But why is it important to plan a sustainable event?

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Bespaar 50 bomen met jouw volgende zakelijke evenement met Xplane

One reason is that events cause a lot of waste. According to, the average conference participant produces 1.89 kilos of waste per day, of which 1.16 kilograms go directly to a landfill. If you calculate this for three hundred people during three days, you will receive 5,670 kilos of waste. This corresponds to four compact middle class cars. A large part of this CO2 emission comes from the air traffic of event visitors from abroad. Many consumers and business people nowadays suffer from flight shame.

Save 530 tons of CO2 at your next business international event

Around 355 international business events take place in the Netherlands each year, accounting for an economic value of around € 450 million. A three-day international event with around 1000 participants emits an average of around 530 tonnes of CO2, 90% of which comes from all air and travel traffic.

To compensate for emissions of 530 tons of CO2, 26,500 trees need to grow for a year.
For comparison: the average Dutchman emits 10 tons of CO2 annually and the average world citizen 3.4 tons of CO2.

To compensate for the huge CO2 emissions of long flights, airline companies offer “climate-neutral flying”.

With this, the traveler pays a certain additional amount when purchasing their airline ticket, of which the airline company has trees planted in certain areas (which convert CO2 into oxygen).

However, it is not enough to combat climate change by planting trees. It is more important to prevent or reduce large amounts of CO2 emissions.

Due to air and travel traffic, large-scale international events are very harmful to the environment.

And the business (international) events market is growing fast. This is currently around 1 trillion euros worldwide and is expected to grow in 2026 to 2 trillion euros. Around 350 international business events are currently being organized in the Netherlands, with an economic value of around € 450 million.

Time for a new, sustainable way of organizing events. Gain knowledge and inspiration and network via desktop and XR with virtual reality events!

Duurzaam evenement organiseren


Organize Sustainable Events in Virtual Reality

Of all options, the most sustainable way to organize an event is to organize the entire event in VR! With the digital platform of Xplane, everyone can easily organize an event quickly in an online 3D environment. In addition to entering your event location and compiling your event program, you can also hire speakers quickly and easily via our platform, as avatars for your unique and special event in VR.

Durable events in VR

Xplane users (both via desktop and with XR equipment) can then attend the event in lifelike VR or follow the meeting or seminar via live stream. To attend or follow your business virtual reality event, your visitors do not necessarily need VR glasses. In addition to making it very easy and a lot cheaper for visitors to attend your event, you also help to make a significant contribution to the environment!

Tell your story as your own lifelike Xplane avatar!

Together with Inzert3D we make it possible for public speakers to Xplane their ideas as their own lifelike avatars.

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Demo afspraak

Vul hier uw gegevens in om een demo afspraak te maken, waarbij u leert presenteren in VR als uw Xplane avatar.


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