About Nick van Breda

Nick trains and guides makers in becoming changemakers. In the period from 2014 to 2019, he helped 80,000 individuals on the road to enterpreneurship. Nick does this by integrating trends in business models together with the makers.

Nick has set up several NGOs and is a Former Board Member of TEC Entrepreneurship Honors Program.
Nick has written more than 150 articles for 1.6 million readers through Articulum, Startup Grind, Influencive & LinkedIn Pulse. Today he runs communities in Education Technology and Sustainable living as well as tech development related communities.

Nick can be hired as:
Event & project management.
Community Empowerment
Education in entrepreneurship, self-awareness, PR, marketing, innovation and scenario planning.
Trend analysis & trend documentation.
Online publishing @ StartupGrind.com & influencive.com
⁃ OpenExO Sprint Coach
⁃ X-Prize Co-Designer Thailand
⁃ Nick van Breda Consultancy - Owner
⁃ Catalyst bij Future Lab
⁃ Hackathons & Business Development. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc.
⁃ Co-Organizer bij STUDIO.WHY innovation games
⁃ Stamboom - Founder
⁃ Team Member with Nederland Kantelt
⁃ Contributor with Startup Grind
⁃ Hackathon Organizer with 24h Education Hackathon

Bookable as:
Keynote speaker
Wake-up calls | future tech | crowdsourcing | co-creation | social enterpreneurship future of work the future in education / learning future economy.


(Last Updated On: 25 May 2020)
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