How it works

We’re currently working hard on developing our platform and VR application.
We expect to go live with the first version of Xplane in May / June 2020. 

Organizing events in VR with Xplane will look like this:

 For Event Organizers / Corporations

Step 1. Login via your browser

Step 2. Select a digital event location

Step 3. Put together your event program and set a date

Step 4. Book your public speakers and moderator as avatars

Step 5. Send invites via email or link

Step 6. Optimize online event ROI with data analytics reports

Online events hosten

For Public Speakers / Moderators / CEOs

Step 1. Get yourself digitized via our partner Inzert3D

Step 2. Put on a VR-device from your home or office, set up your guardian (so you don’t bump into anything) and start the Xplane app

Step 3. Xplane virtually anything to all the event participants and viewers around the world!

For Event Participants / Viewers

Step 1. Click on the invite link you received (via email)

Step 2. Login via your browser

Step 3. Create your Xplane avatar, enter the digital event location and enjoy the show!

For more information on how to host your own VR event, contact us. 

We’re happy to help!

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