Step into a new world. Go Xplane your ideas via our digital events platform.

Host and attend online business events as avatars via desktop and VR devices

With Xplane© you can organize sustainable and data-driven business events in virtual reality with (famous) public speakers as avatars. Via our platform you can hire a professional speaker quickly and easily and create your own amazing digital event location. Unprecedented reach, insight into your audience and innovative branding with your next virtual reality business event!

  • More reach and ticket sales
  • No high event costs
  • Data driven business events

Book inspiring public speakers as their lifelike avatars in VR


Xplane avatar voorbeeldTogether with our partners and InZert3D we offer the most inspiring (international) public speakers and moderators as their own lifelike avatars for Keynote presentations in VR.

Event in VR

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More Reach and Ticket Sales with Symposia, Meetings and Online Seminars in VR

What would it be like to organize a successful business event quickly and easily, with unprecedented reach and traction?

With Xplane, events can easily be organized in a digital 3D environment, including public speakers and audience. Through our web platform you can both hire speakers  and create your own amazing digital event location. With Xplane, a virtual event can be published directly on all channels: YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even your own website. There are no production costs and no camera work is needed. All visitor activity is measurable contributing to data driven and sustainable events!

Everyone can attend your event.  Your guests do not have to use expensive VR glasses or virtual reality equipment. Everything can also be experienced via desktop or a (360 degree) video stream.

Whether convinced or not, we encourage you to try to offer your guests a completely new experience with all the possibilities of VR!

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Xplane avatar example
Together with Inzert3D we make it possible for public speakers to Xplane their ideas as their own lifelike avatars

Organize an Online Seminar, Symposium or Business Event in VR

Imagine a digital platform where you can easily organize virtual reality corporate events in a 3D event location, including speakers and audience! Well with Xplane, that has become a reality. We offer you the most famous and innovative speakers, from anywhere! During your business VR event, speakers have all kinds of new presentation options that are missing in ‘real life’. Anything becomes possible during your virtual reality event with Xplane!

Take this opportunity and show your audience how innovative and progressive your company is! With Xplane we can make your audience attend your event in all sorts of ways. Spectators do not need expensive VR glasses, but can also attend via desktop or follow everything via a (360 degrees) video.

Contact us today. We will be happy to Xplane to you the amazing benefits and possibilities of organizing events in virtual reality!

VR events

Events can easily be organized in a digital 3D event location, including speakers and audience. Everything is possible during a virtual reality event!

VR live publishing

You can omit production costs and camera work. Publish directly on all channels (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or web link ). Your audience does not need to use virtual reality glasses. Participants can join the event via desktop and everything can be seen via (360 degrees) video VR stream.

Data warehouse

All activity of visitors and viewers is measurable. With this data you can optimize future events to better align with your target group. Use data to realize more ROI from your events.

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Ashwin van der Kamp from ABN Amro

Ashwin van der Kamp
Thanks to Xplane we were able to convey our message in an original and simple way. The proactive attitude of Xplane has helped with this. The choice for a different type of presentation than usual ensured that we immediately had the attention of our audience. By presenting information visually as much as possible, the message stuck with our audience. The compliments afterwards were a nice bonus.
Ashwin van der KampBusiness AnalystABN AmroArnhem, Gelderland

Why Organize an Online Seminar, Symposium, Congress or lecture in Virtual Reality with Xplane?

Business presentations, seminars or congresses are often given physically at an agreed location with a supporting PowerPoint. However, this has a number of disadvantages for the sponsor and / or umbrella organization as high costs for renting space and recording equipment, organizing the meeting including material, food, as well as editing and publishing content on different channels.

Unprecedented Large Audience during Your Online Symposium or Seminar with VR Live Stream

Xplane will replace the traditional stage: a cheaper alternative with a much larger reach (= more ticket sales). This naturally raises questions. Do spectators then all have to wear a VR headset? The answer is no. The presenter presents in VR. The VR video stream is then automatically displayed in 2D in the browser. The spectator does of course have the opportunity to attend the seminar in real-life VR.

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